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Rye Lodge was founded in 1888 from its founding lodge, Beadon 619

Rye Lodge meets on the 1st Monday in October (Installation), 2nd Monday in February, the 4th Monday in May and November at the Mumbai Square Masonic Centre (Corvinos) 7 Middlesex Street, London E1 7AA.

LOI meets alternate Tuesdays at The Watermark Club, Scrutton St. London. EC2A.



How to become a Freemason.  CompasesHow to become a Freemason in England

It is estimated that world wide there are five million Freemasons and Lodges are always on the look out for suitable men to become members of their Lodge. The remainder of this page tries to explain how to become a Freemason and also to answer some of the more common questions we are asked.

How to become a freemason picture 2Is Freemasonry a covert organization?

Absolutely not, but it is not difficult to see why this is such a common question. Freemasons have been incredibly bad at telling the world what Freemasonry is really about. This page is just one instance of Masons trying to be open with people. We do have secrets but these are generally related to recognition of other Masons.

How to become a freemason - Discussing religion.What then are the aims of Freemasonry?

The principle cornerstone of all Freemasonry is charity and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. There are many good charities in the UK like the Lions or Round Table but it may surprise you to learn that Freemasons in the UK disburse more chart able monies than anyone except the National Lottery. In the past Masons tended to be rather tight lipped about their charity but Freemasons now publish their accounts and if you look at last years accounts you will see that Freemasons gave a million pounds to the Royal College of Surgeons for the betterment of mankind. This was not a one off payment since early in the 20th. Century we have given that amount annually.

Do not think though that charity is always financial, it is not. You would be hard pressed to find a hospice anywhere in the country that wasn't regularly supported by local Lodges, but charity can also come in the form of giving time.

compassesIs Freemasonry a religion?

Absolutely not. In order to become a Freemason you must believe in a higher power but it matters not what religion you profess.

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